Noun: the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for God.
Verb: show reverence and adoration for God; honor with religious praise.

Worship is not about flashy lights or a sound system that unties your shoes when the bass hits. It is about God. During worship we worship God, extolling our praise and wonder at His name. So how does it also work to have all this big technology in our worship?

In the last decade, cellphone ownership has risen in the US by 27% to a whopping 92% of American adults- 68% of those cellphone are smartphones- arise of 33% in only 4 years! 


Smartphones, Tablets Grew in Recent Years; Other Devices Declined or Stayed Flat



Everyday technology is on the rise. If you consider the average day, we use technology in almost every aspect of it- we even read the newspaper on out tablets and phones! With technology so deeply rooted in our everyday lives, it is becoming increasingly harder and harder to part wth it for any length of time. 

If you consider what church was like pre-modern technology, church services comprised of a local group of people that congregated together to worship God. People simply side-stepped their lives into the church building and worshiped in the manner that was prevalent of the time- hymns, reading Bible passages, and praying out loud together. It was a sacred time enjoyed among friends and family- but consider the difference between a church service in 1880 and a church service in 1680- completely more modern in every aspect!


Trivia question- What piece of technology has single handedly had the greatest impact in the life of Christianity?

Answer: The printing press. 

Throughout time before the printing press, all written documents were hand scribed- a process that took months to carry out for books as large as the Bible. Post-printing press, a bible could be made in days- forward a few years and many Bibles could be printed everyday! The Church took advantage of this technology and used it to revolutionize the way people were able to gain the knowledge of God's Word. Again, when radio and TV came onto the scene evangelists and entire radio stations were set up in order to reach out to those who otherwise would have been difficult to reach.

We are in another paradigm shift today- technology in every aspect of our lives. The point is not that people need flashy lights and immense sound systems in order to worship, rather in order for people to side-step into the worship scene, technology is going to have to be a part of that worship scene. The 1800's saw church services that were in the comfort zone of the congregation while they worshipped- the 1900 brought about the introduction of sound systems and better lighting for people to be better experience (and in some cases actually hear) the service. Today, people are accustomed to reading off of technology devices rather than books, and are going to more live venues to experience great music that they are getting into. So why not take advantage of this in the church scene?

Not every church needs to upgrade their sanctuaries to host the latest and greatest in technology. Some are open to the idea of a new way of outreach and attendant retainer-ship- whatever your church decides is the best course of action for your worshippers is what is designed around. But lets make it easier for you to present the service! 

Billy Graham's Crusades were the pinnacle of Christian evangelism- never before had so many people been first time attenders and through that experience give their lives to Christ. Although it was the message and truth of the Word that led people to Christ from these Crusades, the Crusades themselves would not have been possible had it not been for the heavy use of technology. The Billy Graham Crusades used many different facets of the high-tech technology of the day- from large speaker line arrays to project the sound, to top end wireless microphones, to massive video screens projecting high quality camera footage, to the audio and video distribution of the stage throughout the stadium or arena. None of this was inexpensive- but the creative techs that produced the Crusades knew these components were necessary in order to pull these monumental feats off. 

Applying this same principle, what are areas that your worship space can improve on? Do you find that it is getting hard to hear the message and music clearly throughout the entire sanctuary- Maybe its time of a speaker upgrade? Are you having a hard time finding all the needed volunteers to run the service- maybe you need to find equipment that will automate some of the technological happenings during the service? Perhaps some members would benefit from an improved assisted listening system in your church- Hearing aids have improved in the last decade, do you know the incredible improvements made in assisted listening systems that take advantage of this?

Whatever your needs- current or future, give us a call at Infinite Sound Solutions so we can help you improve your worship experience.