Infinite Sound Solutions was founded in 2016 by Jarrett Bumgarner in order to provide a new option for worship spaces in the Concord-Salibury area. For over 15 Years Jarrett has been consulting, installing, and operating professional audio, video, and lighting systems in HOWs and other environments.

Jarrett enjoys learning about the newest advances in worship technology, and is always thrilled to extend that knowledge onto others.

Jarrett worked in AVL distributing before he left to form Infinite Sound Solutions. You ever wonder where most of the AVL guys in Charlotte purchase their equipment? From distributors like Jarrett worked with. He answered questions that the other AVL integrators had, and is respected in the community for not only having a lot of the information ready at hand, he also is not bashful to say he doesn't know the answer right then, but he is going to find it out and get right back with them to let them know. 

In working directly with the manufacturers, Jarrett also has a good relationship with many of the go-to people at the Professional AVL Manufacturers that he can call up to ask an unusual question, or offer suggestions on the next revision of their products.

Before Jarrett was on the distributing side of things, he used to be an technician-installer for a nationally renown AVL install company that used cutting edge technology in new-age worship centers. While installing these systems he learned what components worked best with each other to meet the end-users' needs and goals. He also learned quite a bit of what didn't work well with each other as he was usually the one troubleshooting the issues on-site.

Jarrett grew up in a traditional baptist church, and though he now worships at a church that continually uses the newer technologies to extend their worship experience, he sees how some of that new technology could have infused itself into the traditional services he was raised on to help with things that would hiccup during Sunday mornings, help the Pastor's sermons easier to understand without straining the ear, or help with how the choir sounded each hymn. And thats what it really comes down to, Jarrett's Spiritual Gifts: Service, Teaching, Giving, and Knowledge.