Why we are here

February 2016-


Jarrett Bumgarner, working with a Pro Audio, Video, and Lighting distributor hangs up the phone after an extended conversation with a local Charlotte “audio contractor.” He is in disbelief at the conversation. For thirty minutes he had been discussing the use of multiple speakers in a traditional church sanctuary and while Jarrett had been emphatically trying to explain the absolute need for a particular speaker processing unit to correctly manage the speakers, the “audio contractor” had brushed it off saying “it’s just a smaller old church. They wouldn’t know the difference- they won’t pay me enough to put it in. I don’t need it.”

 Jarrett sat at his desk for a few minutes debating whether he should call the church that the speakers were going in.

 “Do they know they are about to spend so much money for these speakers and it is only going to make the pastor’s voice less intelligible?”, he wondered. “The processor is only 5% more than the speakers, and it would really allow everyone in that room understand every last word the pastor says without having to strain between all the echo that this is going to cause.”

 He thought for a little more on the conversation and the complete disregard the “audio contractor” had for the need of the processor.

“He said they won’t pay him enough to put it in- does that mean they wouldn’t purchase the processor, or that he doesn’t want to be hassled with programming it and tuning the speakers. If it’s the first, maybe he could let me talk to the church so that I could explain the shear importance of this one piece of equipment. If it is the latter, well, then he has no business being in this industry.”

Jarrett found out the next week in another conversation that it was a little of both, but most was because the contracted didn’t want to be bothered with having to “sell” the church on the idea of purchasing an extra piece of equipment that wasn’t in his original proposal.

The entire system was billed to the church at around $18,000. The processor cost only $1200 retail.  It was Jarrett’s opinion that at least half of that money was wasted in sound reinforcement that only helped to make the room less intelligible for speech.  The church should have just not installed those speakers.

 For the next few months, Jarrett continually came into contact with other “audio contactors” that were more about selling churches equipment, not offering them service or being an actual resource.



May 2016-

 Driving home from work one day, Jarrett was designing the new upgrade for his church that was going to be installed later that year in his head. You know, normal things people do while in the car. His mind wandered to how he was glad it was him that was doing the upgrade, that he knew that it would be done correctly- not riddled with things they weren’t going to use or ever need, and not so little that the system could never be expanded upon or even do the job needed at the starting gate. 


 The emotions that were passing through his head- he realized what it was- he was being called.