Modern, Traditional, Contemporary: These are words that are often used yet inadequately describe the form and passions that are our times of worship. Every time of worship is about one thing: worshiping Him

There are an infinite number of ways to achieve this goal, some better than others; some not as good. What works for you? What equipment and what functionality help bring your message to the forefront?

Infinite Sound Solutions is a resource that serves your needs to in order to best present the message that you want to convey.



What technology does your venue need? What is too much, and what is not enough? The average homeowner does not understand this when it comes to HVAC or electrical systems, but a talented tradesman can teach the homeowner enough so that the homeowner can make a wise decision.

 This is where we come in.

 Infinite Sound Solutions’ top priority is knowledge in the hands of users. We believe that the end-user (that’s you) should know as much about the equipment they owned operated from week to week. This enables them to continue to be creative and avoid the dreaded “this is the only way I know to work this” line. The more you know, the better (and easier) you will be able to blend technology into your worship service. Worship is about bringing others together to, well, worship God. Technology is a tool that churches have been using since the middle ages (architectural design that improves speech intelligibility) and when used correctly, it adds an element that allows us in our technology filled, busy lives, to connect easier with God while we are worshiping him.

 It’s not about the experience, it’s about the worship.

 Technology can supersede the act of the moment- if it is not properly used. Technology today is simply a tool that churches have at their disposal to help make it easier for that first time guest or fifty-year veteran attender to be brought into the moment and allow them to worship God. Maybe it is video screens with lyrics, maybe it is an assisted listening system, maybe even streamed video of the service for worshipers to watch and join in on when they are unable to attend that service! God created all things- including technology- and like the way music impacted the way we worship, so the implementation of technology can powerfully impact worship as well.